About Us

There are some boat owners that have ideas that they would like to make reality. At YMS the only limit is your imagination.  We are a small group of people with large capabilities. Because of our small crew you get personal care for your project. At YMS you go to Mike Mullaney and communicate to him what your work list and projects are. Mike then personally designs, engineers and supervises each task by delegating jobs to his crew with hands-on participation on the boat. Mikes son Tom keeps work moving while Mike does design and purchasing.Yacht Management Services is a full service yacht company providing high level services since 1996. 

We are a family owned business offering 40 years experience in the boat building and marine trade. 

Mike on Delivery to Maine

Mike Mullaney has been on the water for 50 years and sailing since he was 11 years old. He is a graduate of the Benjamin Franklin Institute in Boston, MA.  He began his career in yacht building in 1987 at Concordia Custom Yacht Builders in South Dartmouth Massachusetts after completing the build of his own custom Columbia 34 yacht. 
Tom Mullaney Floor Manager

Tom Mullaney has been working for Yacht Management Services since April 2004, he is an asset all around. Fiberglass, plug and custom parts, woodwork, systems, Awlgrip paint, commissioning and decommissioning, molds

Delivery of "MANUKAI" 46' Oyster to St. John River, Canada